Payments: A payment gateway that does not require KYC

Updated at: 2023-11-22


If you want to receive payments online, you often need to register a company and then apply for a payment gateway in order to complete online transactions.

Now, Payments payment gateway does not require KYC, and it is accessible to individuals, companies, or developers.


Registration, requires only an email address.

API: only one api

curl \
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
  -d '{
    "Key": "Your API_KEY",
    "OrderID": "The ID you use to distinguish orders",
    "Webhook": "Your server url, receive order paid notification",
    "USD": 100

To make a request, you only need to provide an order ID that you use to distinguish between different orders, and the amount.

    To: '0x1234...',
    ETH: '0.1234...',
    USDT: '0.1234...',
    BNB: '0.1234...',
    BUSD: '0.1234...',
    USDP: '0.1234...',
    USDC: '0.1234...'

In response, display the aforementioned information on your website or app, informing your users that they can complete the payment by sending any of the listed cryptocurrencies to the To address.

After the user successfully makes a payment, your Webhook address will receive a POST notification with the following body:

    Key: 'Your API_KEY',
    OrderID: 'The order ID you sent with your previous request',
    Txn: 'On-chain transaction ID',
    From: 'xxx',
    To: 'xxx',
    B: 'The currency user paid with'

You can verify whether the Key is correct and then update the order status in your system based on the OrderID.

The API may seem simple, but as long as you keep your API Key private, it is secure, just like with OpenAI. Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Fee and Payout

0.3% of each successful order, and instant payout.

Compares with other payment gateway. For example, Stripe has a fee of 2.9% plus an additional $0.3 per transaction; an extra 1.5% is added for non-local credit cards; with currency conversion, an additional 1% is added; and if you use post-payment invoices, there's yet another 0.4% fee. This totals to an effective 5.8% plus $0.3, and afterwards, you still need to pay taxes to the government.

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