Brook and Shiliew: macOS App Mode

Updated at: June 10, 2023



Under TUN Mode, the system will choose to use the System DNS configured in the Brook or Shiliew client.

There are no issues, no action required.

However, under App Mode, up to now, Apple will choose to use the DNS configured in the system settings. This could cause a minor issue, as described below.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Go to System Settings - WiFi - Details - DNS - Obtain automatically

    By default, if you see two DNS servers assigned automatically (in gray): one IPv4, such as, and one IPv6, such as fe80::1

  2. Then open the terminal, execute dig multiple times

    • Behavior: Sometimes the query goes through, and then the system will automatically redirect it to Brook
    • But sometimes it goes through fe80::1, and the system will not redirect to Brook

If you see GUA, there is no problem.


Set the DNS in System Settings - WiFi - Details - DNS - to