Brook & Shiliew MITM: Block Youtube App AD
Created at: 18 Nov 2022
Updated at: 18 May 2022

Brook & Shlliew


Here is an example of iOS

Install the root certificate first



  1. MITM -> MITM on
  2. MITM -> MITM with Body off
  3. MITM List -> Note: If you enable bypass, do not bypass the domain names in this list
  4. MITM Script ->



Youtube sometimes uses HTTP3 and sometimes HTTP2, not very clear when to use HTTP3
Brook and Shiliew's MITM currently supports interception of HTTP/1.1 and HTTP2
In fact, Brook and Shiliew can block HTTP3 and make them have to use HTTP2, but they don't want to do it at the moment.

Future versions will study and support direct interception of HTTP3, so stay tuned