{{ zh ? '1. 支付时不要开启网络代理,如果因网络原因,支付页面显示比较慢。可以多试几次或换个网络比如 4G 或 Wi-Fi。' : '1. Do not turn on network proxy when making payment. If the payment page displays slowly due to network issues, you can try several times or switch to a different network such as 4G or Wi-Fi.' }}
{{ zh ? '2. 如果支付宝未成功返回商家页面,则订单 90 分钟后才可生效,这是正常的,耐心等待下即可。': '2. If Alipay does not successfully return to the merchant page, then the order can only be effective 90 minutes later, which is normal. Please wait patiently.'}}
{{ zh ? '3. 填写虚假信息可能会被拒付。' : '3. Providing false information may result in payment being denied.' }}